Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is this different from other food delivery services?
This is the first ever website dedicated to giving you access to home grown cooks as well as trained chefs, all on one platform! We aim at bringing not just trained chefs, but also your neighborhood cooks to your kitchen, even though they did not go to a culinary school, so that you can benefit from their talent for cooking as well as recipes passed down to them from generations! This not only helps to provide an earning opportunity to someone without formal training, but also gives you a chance to enjoy delicious home-made food at affordable prices! Another exciting part is that we don’t send pre-made meals to your house like other food delivery services. Our cook/chef will come and make fresh food in your own kitchen.
2. How does it work?
You can browse the profiles of our cooks/chefs and sort them based on different criteria like rates, cuisines offered and ratings/reviews. Select the cook/chef, the date/time you want them to come to your house and request a booking - once the cook/chef accepts your booking, you receive a link to make the payment and the booking is confirmed after you make the payment.
3. Can I customize the menu?
Absolutely! Most of our customers let the cook/chef decide the menu. But if you like to eat something specific, let the cook/chef know and they will make what you like!
4. How much does it cost me?
Each cook/chef has a different rate, based on what they wish to charge. You can select a cook/chef based on how much you would like to pay.
5. What about the ingredients?
At the time of booking, you can decide whether you want to get the ingredients yourself, or you want the cook/chef to get the ingredients (in which case you pay for the ingredients).
6. Who are these cooks/chefs?
The cooks/chefs are people who are passionate about cooking – they are either trained professionals who went to culinary schools or people who have been cooking in their own kitchen and have the knack of it! All the cooks/chefs have gone through our screening process so that you have a good experience.
7. Can I reschedule a booking?
You can reschedule a booking, however there is no surety that the cook/chef you originally selected will be available on your new date/time. Also, please check the cancellation and refund policy for additional details.
8. How do I pay? Do I have to pay anything in cash or otherwise to the cook/chef when he/she comes to my house?
You pay once the booking is confirmed, using our secure, online payment system. You are not required to pay anything to the cook/chef when he/she comes to your house.
9. What is the cancellation/refund policy?
You will get full refund for any cancellations 48 hours (24 hours in case you buy your own ingredients) before the appointment. If you cancel less than 48 hours (24 hours in case you buy your own ingredients) before the appointment, then you will get 50% refund, so long as at least 6 hours remain before the appointment. If only 6 hours remain before the appointment, we will not be able to process any refund for cancellations. If you have asked the cook/chef to get the ingredients, no refund will be processed for the cost of ingredients, for any cancellations made less than 48 hours before the appointment.
10. What about my allergies / dietary restrictions?
At the time of booking, you let us know of your allergies and dietary restrictions and the cook/chef will take care of it.
11. Can I exchange messages with the cook/chef?
Yes, absolutely! Once the payment is made, you can log into your KitchKarma account, go to Booking History and click on the Message button to exchange interactive messages with the cook/chef.

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