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I am very excited to bring KitchKarma to you. If you share our passion for enjoying delicious food cooked in your own kitchen, while creating jobs in the community, then you have come to the right place!




KitchKarma aims at connecting people who are looking for cooking jobs with people who are looking to enjoy food made in their own kitchen. We know that several of our neighbors who are very talented cooks, (although they never went to culinary school!) as well as trained chefs are not able to find enough cooking jobs even though so many people are looking for cooks/chefs like them. So we created www.kitchkarma.com! Through KitchKarma, we are not only creating a meeting place for them, but also hoping to create job opportunities for your very talented, next door neighbor.


We have several cooks/chefs in our database who can cook different types of cuisines and charge different rates. Some of them are trained professionals while others are experienced through cooking in their own kitchen, using recipes passed down to them through generations! You can browse their profiles and sort them based on different criteria. You select a cook/chef, the date/time you want the cook/chef to come to your house and click the “book” button. On the date and time agreed, the cook/chef comes to your house and prepares the meals of your choice.


So pick your cook/chef on KitchKarma, sit back, relax and enjoy delicious, home cooked food and make a difference in your community!




I am the woman next door who is very passionate about creating employment and helping families make a living. My journey to KitchKarma began when I had a baby last year and I realized the importance of healthy, home cooked meal. However, as a working mom, I could not find enough time to prepare home-cooked food for my baby. As I began to look for cooks, I realized that there are so many people who are very talented in cooking because they have been cooking for decades. But they, as wells trained chefs, had difficulty finding cooking jobs because there was no meeting place for good chefs and cooks and people who need them. I combined this need with my passion for creating employment and KitchKarma was born! I hope that through this website, cooks and chefs will find jobs so that they can explore their culinary talent and earn some income!

- Purvi

(My background: I moved to the U.S. from India in 2006 to do my MBA at New York University. After my MBA, I worked in New York city, as an investment banker on Wall Street, for a few years and then moved to Seattle. I was born and raised in Mumbai, India, where I did my Bachelors in Commerce and then did CPA. I have been in the finance field for 17 years. I currently live in Seattle.)

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